Magazine Cover Design (Mimicking “O” Magazine)

I had a client contact me about doing a postcard project as well as an Ecover design.  She wanted the cover design to mimic Oprah’s “O” Magazine.  She sent a few examples of covers that she liked.

o  coveropr_cvr-lg


From there, my client requested that her photo be cropped and edited a bit.  We started out with this image:



Instead of the brochure in her hand she wanted me to replace it with a bottle of something that she was promoting.  So here is the updated image.  The bottle is not in proportion to her body, but because the brochure was pretty large, I had to cover that space with a larger sized bottle.  The client did not seem to mind at all which was good.



So, then I did the actual magazine cover design. My client loved the outcome.  YAY!



The last step was getting my print designer to do the finalization on getting the specs set up for printing and also doing the design for the back of the postcard.  I then turned the magazine cover design into an Ecover.  Here are 2 Ecover design options that I presented.



So, all in all, this project turned out really awesome.  I so love a creativity challenge and this was definitely a fun one.

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